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I have stepped away from photography and my website for to long.  I am now back at it, so please bear with me as I bring it up to date and make some changes.  This site serves mainly to keep up with friends and family so it, like my photography will remain simple and uncluttered.  Thanks to all that stop by and please take a moment to sign the Guest Book so I will know you were here.  Peace and love to all..


Photography has been the one constant in my life. My Grandfather Harvey (Aul) got me started, I received a small camera for Christmas when I was young and my first 35mm (old school film) camera in high school.

I was always the pest at family gatherings, the one everyone "threatened" if I did not quit taking photos..it did no good, I continued to snap away.

I love every kind of photography, my main interests lie in nature and candid. To me, the candid shots show the true person. They capture the essence of a person, in a specific time, moment and place that will never again happen. To memorialize these moments is special, when memories begin to fade they can once again bring a smile, a tear or a laugh. They preserve for future generations. They can look back and see a small piece of themselves in those who have gone before them. I am also a minimalist.  I prefer my photos straight out of the camera with as little tweaking as possible. On occasion I will play with a few. I have found that most people like things in a natural state, as if they were driving by and can identify.  So yes, my photos are simple for the most part.