Yolanda B.(non-registered)
This is wonderful! You have done a marvelous job. I cant wait to check in and see what you are adding. Love ya!
Carrie Adams(non-registered)
Lovely, lovely photos! So glad to see you are getting back to your photography, I love your talent and your eye, always enjoy when you post. Hope you get a chance to hop across the pond again, it has been far to long my dear...xoxo
Diedre Hampton(non-registered)
A friend shared the link to your site with me, and I can honestly say I love them all. Thank you for staying true to the basics in an over dramatized world. Your photos are from the heart, it is obvious I look forward to any and all additions as I am sure they will be amazing. Hugs from one artist to another. Diedre.
Jim Lyttle(non-registered)
The pics are awesome and combined with the music takes me back to a simpler time. So many of the pics could be taken even today right in the heart of the Appalachians I call home. Please continue to bless us all with your talent and effort. Blessings, Jim
Love, love, love! Happy to see life in the Midwest is treating you well. Next trip back to the homeland please let me know. Would love to get together with you and yours. Keep up the great work.!
Jenn Cleary-Jensen(non-registered)
I am so glad you did not stay away from photography! Love the photos and the presentation. Thanks for the preview of the private gallery, look forward to its completion so everyone can see. Your photographic art is amazing. We so miss having you in the Washington DC area, but are happy that you love where you are. I would love to see some more of the Ozark life and area. I have an idea I would love to work with you on. Call or email when you get through the next few weeks and the wedding. Love to you from all of us.
Connor Davison(non-registered)
The photos are great!
Lisa and Gregg(non-registered)
Wonderful photos, what more can I say! Gregg and I both love that you chose to stay with the natural look, so many these days feel the need to do over cooked, the super overlays etc., yours are moments in time captured true. Keep up the good work and if you ever get back down to Florida we have to go shooting together. So much has changed since you left you won't believe it. Bring plenty of memory cards!!! Hugs to you and yours..
Wonderful pics, thanks for sharing!! Very much looking forward to seeing more of your work!
Janice Livingston(non-registered)
So happy you are getting this up and running. The photos you have posted so far I have really enjoyed. Looking forward to many more in the near future. I would also like to talk to you about doing my daughter's photos this Spring for her Senior year. I will message you. Great work!
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